WE VISIT offers you a customized service !

Settle down in the region

Properties research: the research mandate

WE VISIT help you to settle down in the Region by: 

  • Selecting properties according to your specifications

  • Finding your property

  • Overseeing your relocation

  • Putting you in touch with notaries 

  • Helping you to understand the French legislation and understand the different taxes that you may need to pay

WE VISIT can also take care of you upon arrival at the airport or train station and drive you to the different properties.

WE VISIT offers to organise visits that fit with your own schedule and can be done during weekends.


Our fees for this service  :

Discover the region

WE VISIT offers you FREE CONCIERGE services (advice, reservations ...) under a research mandate. 
Tell us what you would like to do and see before you arrive and we will take care of the rest!

Optimise your travel in the region while enjoying its assets: visiting castles, wine tasting, visiting unusual or “must-see” places, shows etc.

As we are both from the region, we can also help you in understanding what other activities are available during the summer and during the off-peak season, understanding the way of life, the mentality and giving you a list of activities that are on offer according to your needs.

WE VISIT offers concierge services associated with your coming to Bordeaux or its surrounding under a research mandate. 

 Your renovation work


The decision to purchase a property could be a burden in itself and is sometimes quite stressful. It could, in some cases, be linked to the decision to carry out renovation work.
WE VISIT assists you in the design, monitoring and completion of renovations.
Make your home a place that looks like you....

Rest assured that good progress on your renovation work will be done when you are gone.

WE VISIT can put you in touch with local artisans and professionals who can give you a quote and we can help in the translation should you need it. Finding local and good artisans can be difficult, WE VISIT gives you access to its own network of local partners; we have good contacts in a variety of artisans (builders, electricians, carpenters, interior designers and gardeners) and will be pleased to facilitate an introduction.

You tell us about your project and we can find the right people to assist you and work with you so that it is stress-free!